My name is Helen. I'm a Pet-Loss Grief Recovery Specialist.


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For many of us, it is through being a pet parent that we have experienced unconditional love, perhaps that is why the loss puts us into such a turbulent whirlwind of emotions and yet, I believe to not have had the experience would be a far greater loss. Having our pet for whatever time we are given is both a gift and a blessing.


- Dedicated to Quinn (May 10, 1995 - December 22, 2007) and to Zoey (April 16, 1998 - July 10, 2014)



ONE-ON-ONE (In Person)


ONE-ON-ONE (Skype)



$40/Person per Session


$40/Person per Session.

Groups will be a minimum of 5 people, maximum of 12 people




Whether you are young, elderly, or somewhere in between, whether you are single, married, or just feeling emotionally alone and isolated, I will assist you in finding your place of acceptance and resolve. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to grieve - there is only your way.


When your pet is sick, very sick, choosing to euthanize could very well be the most difficult life decision you will have to make, however, I also believe it is the most selfless and greatest act of love.


In time, a small light, a glimmer of hope does begin to shine through the darkness and you slowly being to rise above denial, anger, bargaining, deep sadness, finding resolve and acceptance. It does not mean that you will not miss your pet - you will and most likely will forever - and that is okay, for the tears you then weep are just a reminder of how much you loved your pet.


I am a Certified Pet Loss Recovery Specialist. My focus and goal is to assist pet parents with the healing of their loss and provide the tools to move forward. As a pet parent having lost two of my four-footed friends, I am aware of the pain, turmoil and devastation it brings into one’s life.


Some people, in time, are able to come to a place of acceptance and resolve on their own, however, there are others who do get stuck and need a helping hand - that is where I come in. I will assist you with finding the tools to enable you to reach your place of acceptance and resolve.


With patience, compassion and understanding I am here to help you because I truly care.


Helen Goldberg - PGRS-C

Pet Loss Grief Recovery Specialist




George Brown College, Toronto, 2001, Diploma

Assaulted Women’s and Children’s Counsellor/Advocate Program


International Career School, Canada, 2011, Diploma with highest honours

Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor Program


Blackford Centre, Somerset, U.K., 2007, Certificate

Pet Bereavement Program


American Academy of Grief Counselling, Warren, Ohio, 2018

Pet-Loss Recovery Specialist


I am continuing to pursue further education.




Your first appointment will comprise of gathering background information and putting into place practices that will assist you in your grieving process.  


Follow up appointments will be used to monitor your progress, to discuss what is working, what is not working and to ascertain where you are in the grieving process.  


Please note that the above is a loose outline, there is no “cookie cutter” formula. Each appointment will be designed to best support your needs.



Email: helen.g.goldberg@gmail.com
Tel:  416-835-8543

I am here to help because I truly care.
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