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I have known Helen for almost 6 years. She is a very kind and empathetic person, as well as an attentive listener. Through both her personal loss of her pets and her training as a counsellor, she is familiar with and understands the grieving process. I highly recommend Helen as a grief counsellor for the recovery of pet loss. I will surely have need of her services when my own precious pet leaves me. I know she will help me through the sadness.


- Pamela​

I never thought that I would meet someone who loved dogs more than I do, but I have - my friend Helen. Over the past eight years I have had the pleasure of having Helen's expert advice and care with my two West Highlander Terriers. She has helped me re-train them and has been there to comfort me when I had to make difficult decisions. Her compassion and empathy helped me make it through the more challenging times. She truly cares first and foremost about your well-being and what the loss of your pet means to you.


- Diana

I was devastated when I put my dog down. Helen taught me the tools that enabled me to progress to acceptance. As I continue this journey, I am able to honor my pet's life as well as give myself permission to heal and be kind to myself.  


- Alice

The first time I sat down with Helen I felt two things - total trust that she would understand and accept everything I was going through and complete confidence that she’d be able to help me. We set up a schedule of meetings and she gave me things to reflect on in between. The process transformed my terrible grief at losing my beautiful horse Brodie and left me in a place of peace. While I will always miss him, she helped me get to a place where it’s as much a joy to remember him as it was to have him in my life. What she does is very special. We need more people like her in the world - she promotes kindness to animals by supporting the people who love them. 

- Lisa W.

Hi Helen- you came into my thoughts .  I would like to let you know I am still in the recovery path. I am starting to smile when I speak about Keeko and that’s nice! Thanks for your counseling.

~ Alice

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