Helen Goldberg, PGRS-C

I am a graduate of the Blackford Centre Certificate Pet Bereavement Program and of American Academy of Grief Counselling. In August 2018, I received my certification in Pet Loss Grief Recovery Specialist. Both my passion for animals and my empathy for people provided me with the desire and motivation to move forward in a very new, yet needed profession. In November 2018, I began my practice, Helen Goldberg, Pet Grief Counselling.


My focus and goals are to assist pet-parents with the healing of their loss and provide the tools to move forward. As a pet parent having lost two of my four-footed friends, I am aware of the pain, turmoil and devastation it brings into one’s life. As well, I provide support for veterinary clinics through workshops and/or lunch and learn.

With patience, compassion and understanding I am here to help you, because I truly care.

Helen Goldberg

Certified Pet Loss Recovery Specialist.