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Whether you are young, elderly, or somewhere in between, whether you are single, married, or just feeling emotionally alone and isolated, I will assist you in finding your place of acceptance and resolve. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to grieve - there is only your way.


When your pet is sick, very sick, choosing to euthanize could very well be the most difficult life decision you will have to make, however, I also believe it is the most selfless and greatest act of love.


In time, a small light, a glimmer of hope does begin to shine through the darkness and you slowly being to rise above denial, anger, bargaining, deep sadness, finding resolve and acceptance. It does not mean that you will not miss your pet - you will and most likely will forever - and that is okay, for the tears you then weep are just a reminder of how much you loved your pet.

Some people, in time, are able to come to a place of acceptance and resolve on their own, however, there are others who do get stuck and need a helping hand - that is where I come in. I will assist you with identifying and applying the correct tools which can enable you to reach a place of acceptance and resolve.


With patience, compassion and understanding I am here to help you because I truly care.


Helen Goldberg - PGRS-C

Pet Loss Grief Recovery Specialist

The journey of pet loss grief is unique
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