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Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Firstly, I would like to welcome you to my website. My hope is that you are reading my website not because you have recently lost a beloved pet but because you are curious.

However, if it is because of a recent loss, I am truly sorry for your loss and the undoubtable pain you are experiencing.

The love and loss of my pets has encompassed many moments of great joy, as well as the indescribable pain of loss. We cannot separate one from the other as that is the marriage of being a pet parent. We nurture them, watch them thrive, give unselfishly all in knowing that there will undoubtedly be an end.

I have had dogs in my life since I was a very young child. My family’s first dog was a Border Collie, Bootsie. She was a loyal, loving member of our family until she died at the age of 13. My memories of her are deeply engraved in my mind and heart. Following Bootsie, there were three other dogs while growing up. Each unique in personality, each leaving me with endearing memories, each teaching me about life and the responsibilities of being a pet parent and each teaching me about loss. There has also been a cat, a rabbit and three hamsters, loved and lost. My dogs, Quinn and Zoey have been the two greatest losses in my life. Not everyone would understand the aforementioned and that is okay, because I believe that many more would.

Because I truly care.

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