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Pet Rehoming

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

“There are no good-byes for us. Wherever you are you will always be in my heart.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Please do not judge me,” the young lady cried. “I love my dog; life has pulled the carpet from under me. Surrendering my dog is like having my heart ripped out of my chest. I am in pain, no different than losing a pet to death. We all have a story, please do not judge me.”

No matter the circumstance in saying good-bye, the good-bye is no less painful. Sadly, life can unexpectedly throw you a curve ball.

Should you find yourself in such a situation, do your best to be informed and do research to find the best option for your pet. Reach out to family and friends, perhaps someone is willing to take your pet or they may know of a friend of a friend who would be delighted to do so. You can also reach out to your veterinarian; they too may be able to assist you in finding a place for your pet. Research and speak with rescue groups, there are many dedicated people who rescue and foster. Call your local shelter. Should the shelter be filled to capacity, do not settle for “sorry we are full,” ask questions. They should be able to provide you with further advice and direction.

Below you will find credible resources about how to safely surrender a pet:

As noted above, surrendering your pet due to unexpected life change is equally as grievous as losing your pet through death and the grief journey will be no less arduous. Hopefully in having the solace in knowing that your pet was surrendered to a rescue or a loving new home and is being cared for will help in alleviating some of the pain, guilt and grief.

Should you find yourself struggling, I am available for online appointments conducted with your mental health and privacy in mind. Contact me any time:

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