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Pet Loss During a Pandemic

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

As a result of Covid-19 we are all grieving; we have all lost something and sadly for some, it is also someone. The uncertainty of what our life will look like in the next week, the next month or the next year has many battling with fear and anxiety. For the many who have a pet we recognize that our pet brings us comfort, routine and stability. Therefore, to lose a pet during this unprecedented time invites further confusion and trauma. The pet who gave you reason to face your day has cruelly been stripped from your life. I recall a woman who lost her dog to cancer at the very start of Covid-19, she cried, “I am broken.”

Taking your pet to the veterinarian no longer consists of the routine we once knew and we took for granted. Due to new safety practices in place, pet-parents are often asked to remain outside of the clinic and when the veterinarian completes the examination, they will either come out to speak with you or call you on your cell phone. I suppose this is where I can use the metaphor “the double-edged sword”. Being a pet-parent myself, I fully understand the pet-parent’s stress and anxiety of not being inside with their ill pet, at the same time, I respect the new practices put in place as veterinarian clinics are also having to acclimatize to the new and many safety procedures. These are challenging times for all.

The decision to euthanize your pet is undoubtedly the hardest decision one must make as a pet-parent. Due to Covid-19 and the new practices in place, veterinarian clinics have been extremely busy and getting an appointment can prove to be a challenge at times, even for emergencies and/or euthanizing. Regrettably, this adds tension to an already gruelling situation. Fortunately, in these difficult times you can also reach out to a mobile veterinarian who will come to your home. Going to the clinic is presently the most known and used method, however, mobile veterinarians are becoming more recognized and preferred by some. Pet-parents feel that their ill pet can remain in their own environment and therefore feel safer and under less stress. The bottom line is no matter where the euthanasia takes place, for the pet-parent it is a painful and arduous experience.

There is never a good time to say good-bye to your beloved pet. Compounded with the extra stress and anxiety of Covid-19 it makes an already trying situation that much more difficult. You do not need to go through this grief journey alone. I am available for online appointments conducted with your health and privacy in mind. Contact me any time:

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