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Mindful self compassion.

Defeat, it comes in many shapes and forms, but so does victory.

Discouragement, it also comes in many shapes and forms, but again, so does hope.

Which will you choose?

We are all trying to survive and battle through a “new” normal. Loved ones are dying and family members cannot say good-bye; love ones are sick and family members cannot hold their hands.

Young parents are overwhelmed, trying to “work from home” as well as having to deal with their children who are bored, restless and don’t understand why they can’t go to school and play with their friends.

Young teens are struggling to adhere to the new rules of social distancing and staying at home.

College students are stressed, burdened with the pressure to find a summer job so they can make a dent in paying off their tuition.

Singles are craving human contact.

Elderly are afraid and vulnerable.

Business owners, entrepreneurs are battling to keep their livelihood and dreams alive. Millions are questioning if they will have a job to return to.

Doctors, nurses, frontline workers, hospital staff, grocery store employees, government officials and staff, truck drivers, food delivery personal, couriers, volunteers, I can go on and on, are all putting their lives and their families’ lives on the line.

We are all struggling and that is okay.

Acknowledge what you are feeling, however, don’t stay there too long. Our minds have a way of making things darker than they really are. Work on starting your day on a positive note. It takes strength of mind and perseverance, but I promise it works. Think of one thing that makes you smile; such as nature, your children, your grandchildren, your pet, art, music, pray, meditate, dance, sing, draw, read, laugh, sit on your balcony or front porch or backyard and embrace the sites and sounds around you.

Take solace in knowing that you are not alone, everyone is walking in the same uncertainty. Do not believe everything you read and hear, be discerning on

facts versus fiction.

We will get through this, as obscure as the end feels right now, there is an end. Don’t stay in your head, reach out to others. Helping others will give you a sense of control.

Be kind, be grateful, stay home and look to tomorrow with victory and hope.


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