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Acceptance does not mean you will not miss your pet, you will, always, that is just the way it is and that is okay.” - Helen

No matter how many stories I have heard regarding the loss of a pet, I am always taken aback by the impact of the loss. Often times, still, I find myself puzzled by my reaction. I have heard many stories; I have partnered with many through their grief journey. And yet, with every heartbreaking story, I am moved by the profound love and deep loss a pet’s departure can bring into our lives.

The immediate loss moves most into a deep dark tunnel, but surely, I say, there is an end, there will be acceptance. At the beginning it is difficult to even imagine that the dark sadness filled tunnel has an end. When a pet-parent reaches the final stage of grief, acceptance, they find themselves exhausted yet grateful to have conquered their foe and often-times hopeful to what the future now holds.

Acceptance gives you permission to move forward; to give a sigh of well-deserved relief from pain. It is now time to honour both your grief journey and your pet’s memory, to celebrate the memories shared. Moving forward is not forgetting, it is learning to carry our life’s moments with us into a future we choose.

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